We believe that Molino’s greatest attribute is our staff.

We only recruit locally (bar one!) and the owners are very proud of the commitment the staff show towards their work, providing you with an extremely efficient, professional but friendly and genuinely caring service, always willing and happy to go the extra mile. Most of our staff have been working for us more or less from the beginning and for many  of them  Molino is  the only job they have ever had.

The hotel is owned totally independently by Andy Chapell and Pauline Elkin. They bought the hotel in 1986 and it opened in 1987 along with two other partners who have since left. Andy and Pauline oversee the hotel; Andy concentrates on finance and overall planning, as well as working in reception whilst Pauline is responsible for decoration and overseeing the restaurant. Both owners love the area where they live and enjoy the wonderful walking on offer; Pauline also practises yoga in her free time while Andy is a keen golf player and has a crazy dog.

If you have any very particular queries, Pauline and Andy are on hand to help.

Andy and Pauline’s two daughters, Carmen and Rosi, were born and have been brought up in Molino (apart from a six year stint in Bristol, UK). Carmen and Rosi often help out in the hotel; Carmen in reception and the restaurant, Rosi in the kitchen. Rosi attends an international school on the Costa del Sol in her second year of her IB course  and Carmen is studying Chinese Studies at Manchester University.

Small hotel ronda

Paco Ramirez is head of reception and also deals with all of the accounts department. Inma Sanchez is number two in reception, and a manager in the restaurant. When in reception, her biggest responsibility is the implementation of the hotel’s commitment to ISOs 9001 (Quality) and 14001 (Environmental Protection) as well as the ongoing implantation of the Q of Quality, a Spanish hotel standard. Paqui Hidalgo is our third receptionist with special responsibility for customer communication and feedback. They all speak good English and are brainwashed in to being nice to everyone at all times!
Rural Hotel Molino del Santo Friendly StaffRestaurant:
As of this season, we have three managers of the restaurant: Inma, Victor  Amaya and Pauline. They are responsible for each shift they are on and are in charge of welcoming and taking the orders, as well as the general running of the shift. They all speak great English and are very willing to attend any of your needs. As well as the managers, Diego Castaño, Barbi Garcia , Paqui Román  and Patricia Mesa work in the restaurant too and are very knowledgeable and experienced.

Alberto y Andrés

Alberto and Andrés

Restaurant service: The heads of our kitchen are Reme Palacios, who started at Molino twenty-five years ago, and Alberto Guzman, a very talented and creative chef who trained at the Escuela Superior de Hosteleria Artxanda in Bilbao.

They are supported by Manoli Román and Andrés Aguilar as heads of service. We have a team of kitchen assistants who do a lot of the more repetitive backroom work with great cheerfulness; they are Jaqueline Castaño, Mari Carretero and Rocío Ródenas.

Maintenance and Gardens:
Paco Lopez is head of maintenance. He is a phenomenon being able to turn his hand to so many aspects of our machinery. Sergio Amaya is in charge of all of our gardens and also takes on many of the maintenance projects, particularly the painting of the buildings, internally and externally. We use other people to assist with maintenance and gardens in the busier periods.

We reckon we have one of the best cleaning teams of any hotel anywhere, headed up by Juani Tornay. She is supported by Veronica Amaya and Eva Palacios. They have each been working for the hotel for more than twenty years and demonstrate huge professionalism and commitment to their roles.