Michael Portillo pictured during filming in sunny Andalucia

Michael Portillo pictured during filming in sunny Andalucia

If you have access to BBC television or iPlayer, we thought you’d like to know that Michael Portillo is featuring “our” railway line on the programme that will be shown on BBC2 this Sunday, 27 October at 20.00 UK time.

This is the  first in a second series of six entitled “Great Continental Railway Journeys” and this week features the route from Madrid to Gibraltar via Cordoba and Sevilla.

From the BBC information it would seem that our area will be featured towards the end of the programme so even if you miss the start, it will not be too late to catch our section of the journey.

One reviewer describes it as ‘a great sunshine-filled antidote to a cold and dark October evening.’

And I am told you will still be able to watch Downton Abbey or Homeland or whatever your Sunday night viewing normally entails.

We are reliably informed that the programme has an expected audience of 3 million and that 1% of viewers express serious interest in visiting the area featured in the documentary. This means that approximately 30,000 people may be flocking to Molino del Santo next year as a result.

Actually it is possible that some may be foolish enough to visit other hotels – but, whichever way you look at it, it would be a good idea to book your Molino room as soon as possible!