Wonderful January light

Wonderful January light

One of the advantages of a longer winter break this year has been to have time to re-walk some of the routes we suggest you explore to visit these beautiful mountains.

The Sunday before last we checked out the route from Molino to the Pileta Caves and were astounded at the beauty of the path. The first spring flowers are poking their heads through the soil and the light filtering through the oak trees is very special.

We will have 18 walks revised by the time we open, none of them very long, but all of them absolutely delightful in their own way.

Take them at your own pace with time to appreciate the stunning variety of landscapes, flora and fauna to be encountered on even short jaunts.

We have promised ourselves that we are going to walk from the Sierra de Las Nieves mountains to the coast before we open – downhill all the way with amazing views across to Africa. Probably an 8 hour walk but the rewards will be great.

Which walk will you be doing this year?