IMG_1031Please be wary!

We have had a number of disappointed visitors in 2013 who have tried to book accommodation with us through large automated booking systems.

The systems have told them that Molino is full and they have booked elsewhere as a result and visited us for meals telling us of their experiences.

On many occasions we could have helped them if they had contacted us directly or used a smaller agent.

We support lots of small agencies who offer personal attention and we are delighted if you use their services. They will contact us directly to check availability and we are able to ensure that you get the accommodation that best suits you.

We have worked for years with some of these – including “Little Hotels of Spain”, “Secret Places”, “S-cape” amongst many others – and have nothing but praise for their hard work.

However there is a rash of large companies with huge budgets who are totally in inflexible to both customers and hoteliers alike.

Today someone has contacted us directly to check that we have accommodation having been informed by the “big boys” that we are full. This is not the case but we have decided that we do not allocate all of our rooms to the large agencies because we want to maintain our independence.

We mention no names but would URGE YOU to contact us directly or use a personally-run company to check availability for you.