Get a local guide!

Get a local guide!

We’ve been lucky enough to have visited Kerala in Southern India over the Christmas and New Year period with our daughters and we had an amazing time – so many colours, fragrances and experiences. You are allowed to follow in our footsteps providing of course that you do it when Molino is closed.

Thank you to all the people who advised us on where to go, where to stay, what to see and what to eat. Thanks especially to Geoffrey and Alexandra for recommending a “stomach protector” which worked absolute wonders – none of us suffered from any upsets of any kind in nearly three weeks. We’d be pleased to share the product details on request.

Some of our best experiences were when we hired the services of local guides – our eyes were opened to things we would not have noticed.

The ranger in the tiger reserve (no we didn’t see any but we weren’t really expecting to in the short amount of time we had), the tuc-tuc driver who guided us around his city for three days, the ayurvedic
plant man who showed us the flora and explained their uses – including eating petals before our eyes.

It was a good reminder of how many people rave about the experiences they have in our mountains when they are accompanied by Peter Jones or Eva Bratek – two people whose enthusiasm for our area is so infectious, that you can’t help but take home an extra set of positive feelings.

Peter is an amazing fountain of knowledge on many aspects of the natural world, particularly the birds, whilst Eva loves walking and combining that at the speed you want to walk at with her delight in the countryside and its customs.

They are busy folk though so it best to book their services in advance. Just let us know if we can be of any assistance.