Of all the places for a bird watching holiday in Spain, not many can match the Ronda mountains. You can’t ignore the birds around here – there are too many and they’re too interesting to pass you by.

Spanish Griffon Vulture showing off its size

Griffon Vulture

What sort of birds might you expect to see in this part of southern Spain? We have dippers in the stream alongside the hotel – hunting for food underwater – there are hoopoes, bee-eaters and golden orioles in the woods nearby – full of exotic colours, and raise your eyes from your sunbed to see Griffon vultures with 3 metre wing spans wheeling on the thermals, sometimes dozens at a time.

And that’s just the easy stuff… there is such a variety of birds to be seen that you won’t possibly see them all even during a long stay. Warblers of all kinds, four different eagles – watch a Bonelli’s eagle hunting over a hillside and pretend not to be excited – hawks and harriers, an amazing migration in the spring and autumn, swallows, swifts and martins in the summer, river birds and so on. And to see them? Just keep your eyes open and, if you like, let us guide you towards some great birding sites.

European Bee-eater

European Bee Eater

Griffon Vulture in southern Spain

Griffon Vulture

In the first half of the year, you can visit a lake with 30,000 breeding flamingoes or, in the spring and autumn watch thousands of eagles and other birds of prey migrating from and to Africa, in the summer marvel at bee-eaters like miniature hang-gliders. Or contact a local guide for an even better bird watching holiday.

We can highly recommend two great people who offer this service : Peter Jones is a star and an amusing companion who is a source of information and stories on all aspects of the natural world. And Eva Bratek is also a star who has studied various aspects of Andalucian wildlife and has an infectious love of this area. Contact us for more details about these two very special people.

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