to make the most of the Ronda area
A whole range of ideas for all ages in this wonderful areaAn essential guide shows you 101 different ways to enjoy a stay
in the Ronda Area with lots of clear information


When you first arrive in an area, or even if you think you know it well, everything is made so much easier if you have someone who really knows the area guiding you in the right directions.

Having lived near Ronda for 27 years, I am pleased to offer you an up-to-date guide to some of the very best things to see and do in the Ronda Area. So many people miss so much because they don’t have the right information at their fingerprints – now one simple guide solves all of those issues for you.

Included in the packed-with-information guide:
  • Unusual and less known places to eat and stay
  • Beautiful places to visit by car
  • How to use the local trains to explore great places
  • Names and contact details of tried and tested people who will show you around
  • Museums and exhibitions that offer you a great experience
  • Walks that you can explore at your own pace
  • Reliable companies offering more active pursuits
  • Places that children will love
  • Suggestions of larger cities to visit as a day trip
  • Help with finding the best bodegas, caves, Roman ruins, fiestas, local produce and much more.

Make the most of Ronda

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    With 101 ideas in your hand you will get to discover great places and find much more to enjoy in this very special area.

    Get this guide today to help you meet the best people, find the best locations, eat the best food and drink the best wine that this area has to offer. I am sure you will come to love the area that has kept me enchanted for 27 years.

    Andy Chapell