Art exhibition by Patricia N. Salazar

Art exhibition by Patricia N. Salazar

You are warmly invited to our new Art Exhibition at Molino del Santo is open until the end of October 2013.

The charming paintings of “Stories of the Countryside” are by Patricia Salazar, a Colombian who now lives in Marbella.

In a single glance, Patricia N. Salazar’s paintings (primitivism on oil or glass) reveal her South American roots, from where she finds her inspiration.

Her works are characterised by their vibrant colours which represent a hot, exotic and tropical climate. Her style is primitivism and
every work tells a story best diet pills for men.

Patricia has acquired a lot of artistic expression through living in various countries. Her style makes homage to her Colombian roots yet has acquired a mixture of different cultures and is capable of seeing human life from a more simple perspective. Her interest of oriental cultures
gives her art an expanded spiritual dimension.

Her love for art is expressed in all aspects of her life. To continue to develop as an artist in a simple and self-taught way is a permanent wish of hers.