stunning_hotel_restaurant_andalucia_molino_4Our daughters tell us that we gloat about the weather here in Andalucia – and, of course, they are right but we often have good reason.

This autumn has been one of the warmest and driest we have known in 27 years of mountain life.

In early November we were able to enjoy the wonderful beaches of the Atlantic coast, sunbathing from mid morning until sundown and swimming without the need to be brave and maintain that British stiff upper lip.

The good weather has continued until well into December and tee shirts and shorts are suitable on many days.

The good folk who joined us last year in early November may remember torrential rain – this year could not have been more different.

Recently a dog walk at midnight under a full moon was accompanied by a warm breeze.

We can’t guarantee you good weather in the shoulder months of our season but it’s well worth a bet that it will be much better than Northern Europe at most times.

Go on – you know you want to!