If you like trains, Molino is just the place for you. We have a sleepy railway station just 300metres from the hotel where four trains stop each day in each direction. Cheap, reliable, air-conditioned and comfortable – this is how train travel should be and we are proud to support the service as much as we can by promoting its delights.
Hotel Rural Ronda

This is the Algeciras to Granada line serving mostly small villages and towns. It passes through wonderful scenery so is ideal for a slow day letting the train take the strain.

Or use the rails to visit the stunning beaches of Tarifa – click here to see an example of a day out to this fantastic area.

Alternatively the historic delights of Gibraltar can be easily reached via San Roque station – we have carefully prepared details if you need them.


The trains also serve Ronda and Antequera as well as Granada.Hotel Rural Ronda

The trains work well for combining with a walk to the next station – a still totally unspoilt river valley walk of a couple of hours.

If you are more adventurous you may like to use the Altaria trains from Ronda – twice a day service to Madrid calling at Cordoba en route.

Getting to other Andalucia capitals by train is also possible but time-consuming – Sevilla, Cadiz, Almeria for example – better suited to a real train buff.

For details of using trains rather than road transport to get to Molino see our directions page.


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